Ongoing Pilots

ESAX: Enhancing the Scalability of the Axyon platform

Allowing Fintech AI applications deal with large customer datasets through GPU-powered supercomputers.

BI Insight: Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies

Access the knowledge contained in artefacts: presentations, text documents, sheets and others.

BBC R&D: video coding and compression

Transforming video content through compression and large-scale processing.

DCP: dynamic resource allocation and accounting in a digital marketplace

Automating resource allocation and multi-metric accounting in a federated digital marketplace.

NetService: Blockchain for university certificates

Enabling public institutions to issue valid official documents in a digital form on the blockchain.

Success Stories

KDS: Artificial Intelligence for rare disease diagnosis

Assessing the probability of development of further diseases in Gaucher disease patients.

DS-DRACO: a cloud framework for state-of-the-art Space Weather data

Cloud infrastructure to guarantee the availability and distribution of Space Weather data.

DataFurn: furniture enterprise analytics

Platform-as-a-Service for data analytics, content monitoring and prediction of trends in the furniture industry.

Action Seaport: Smart-port technologies for improved safety and operations

Advanced cloud-based and mobile-friendly platform to support decision-making for port authorities.

Guardomic: bot mitigation engine

A cloud based tool suite for securing online services from botnet attacks and analysing and blocking unwanted traffic.

VAMOS: Video Analysis for Movement Optimization and Statistical analysis 

Analysing athletic gestures and monitoring sports performance through a cloud hosted platform.

CyberHAB: using data cloud services to manage harmful algae blooms

Versatile cloud computing platform able to combine large volumes of data for the management of harmful algal blooms.