Open Science Lens

Offering in-place access to millions of Open Science Research Products, at a glimpse.

About the Pilot

Open Science Lens delivers an innovative technological approach to empower Open Science (OS) and bring the scholarly works available on OpenAIRE e-infrastructure, at the reach of research stakeholders, citizens. To deliver its objectives, OSL builds on the OpenAIRE Research Graph a set of services, offering a tool-suite that can be integrated into a browser or directly into a science-oriented web page enhancing the user experience with regards to OS exploration.

The high-level objectives of the pilot were threefold:

  1. empower the Open Science Lens with the resources available to support high traffic usage, as envisioned and required for high profile/visibility/traffic data repositories and open science related sites
  2. strengthen the integration with high value OpenAIRE research graph API and data model
  3. pilot and validate the performance profile achieved for the OSL services through the underlying infrastructure scaling capabilities.

These objectives were covered since, through the pilot, OSL achieved to:

  • Setup, configure and utilize the platform to run, test, and evaluate the solution, through the usage of the EGI-ACE services of EGI Cloud Compute and EGI Cloud Container Compute
  • Reuse selected EOSC services to provide value adding services to end users, through the integration of the existing Open Science Lens solution with the OpenAIRE and EOSC services
  • Utilize knowhow and technical consultancy from EOSC service providers, through the close collaboration directly with the EOSC Service Providers
  • Measure and validate required throughput for supporting large scale usage both directly through the browser extension as well as indirectly through high traffic sites integrating OSL Enhancer by utilizing the available resources to simulate and profile usage patterns and observed behavior in coordination with Service Providers
  • Integrate, streamline, and validate OSL offerings by testing and verifying the measurable performance and cooperating with leading Open Science related service providers offering needed consultancy and guidance
  • Explore the potential of offering the OSL service as an EOSC service which is currently being considered
  • The OSL extended it readiness level from TRL7 to TRL8, marking the system complete and qualified
  • In addition to other gains, through this pilot we gained insight and explored the possible options to further sustain the OSL


Through contacts with OpenAIRE


  • EGI Cloud Compute
  • EGI Cloud Container Compute
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • OpenAIRE Research Graph
  • OpenAIRE Login


“All members of the Service Provider supporting teams were eager to provide their assistance, knowhow, and technical consultation to achieve the best results possible. Technical teams took under their consideration pilot provided feedback and facilitated the pilot progress and success. The EOSC-DIH team was supportive to assist and guide for the coordination and success of the pilot while also providing useful further training material and communicating additional opportunities. Being part of the EOSC-DIH has been a very productive period for Open Science Lens.”

What’s next?

With Open Science Lens, CITE aims to deliver a viable, sustainable set of tools that will be a long-term component of the Open Science toolkit, open to adaptation and extension, and will support activities for wide spreading its use and fostering its adoption. The Open Science Lens is released as a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) component under an EUPL1.2 license and is bound to OpenAIRE API which it expects to access without limitations and under privileged SLA if embraced as an OpenAIRE service, giving it a unique perspective to the potential user basis.

CITE plans to continue supporting and expanding the OSL Enhancer adoption with additional site integrations, which are required to drive further adoption as well as promoting the OSL Browser Plugin to bring Open Science closer to user’s everyday browsing.

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