Open Science Lens

Offering in-place access to millions of Open Science Research Products, at a glimpse.

Offering in-place access to millions of Open Science Research Products, at a glimpse.

Open Science Lens: delivers an innovative technological approach to empower Open Science (OS) and bring the scholarly works available on OpenAIRE e-infrastructure, at the reach of research stakeholders, citizens. To deliver its objectives, OSL builds on the OpenAIRE Research Graph a set of services, offering a tool-suite that can be integrated in a browser or directly in a science-oriented web page enhancing the user experience with regards to OS exploration.

OSL its  instruments in two co-related ways; i) allow web users to easily locate and explore OS information when navigating in the web through a Google Chrome add-on and ii) allows site owners to easily show OS content, enriching user experience with easy to consume information through the Web Browser Plugin. More specific:

  • The OSL Web Browser Plugin, a component that operates within a web browser and is based on the detection of DOIs for rendering additional information retrieved through OpenAIRE APIs.
  • The Open Science Lens Science Page Enhancer that supports the case of providers of science-oriented page/site that seek to benefit from OpenAIRE Graph API, with a non-disruptive approach. Integrating a small (javascript) library and some minimal additional markup, it reveals much of OS information residing in OpenAIRE into the page/site which becomes a live source of information.


The challenges of the Pilot are as follows:

– Setup, configure and utilize the platform to run on EGI-ACE services of EGI Cloud Compute and EGI Cloud Container Compute.

– Measure throughput and validate performance assumptions for supporting large scale usage both through the OpenScienceLens browser extension, as well as through high traffic sites integrating OpenScienceLens. Simulating and profiling usage patterns and observing behaviour will be performed.

– Apply know-how and technical consultancy from EOSC service providers for the best use of allocated technologies towards improving the stability and performance of OpenScienceLense.

– Improve integration and extend and streamline OSL offerings as a result of testing, performance validation and cooperation with leading Open Science related service providers offering needed consultancy and guidance.

– Explore the potential of offering the OSL service as an EOSC service

Work Plan

Resource allocation and configuration (M0 – M5): Resources made available through EGI-ACE will be configured and optimised to support the deployment and operational requirements of the pilot, yielding a configured and operational environment serving the OpenScienceLens offering.

OpenAIRE API, AuthN & Research Graph integration robustization (M3 – M7):

The OSL integration with existing and newly integrated OpenAIRE services will be scrutinised to offer reliable and extended insights and visualisations to its end users, yielding the release of a new OSL version with hardened functionality and model.

Performance evaluation and testing (M4 – M8): The performance evaluation of synthetic workloads will be conducted to reveal optimization opportunities and quantify supported workload, yielding the qualified and quantified supported workload on allocated resources and upstream limits and thresholds.



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