integrAted iNtelligent thErmostat SYStem.

Testing  the SMARTH-PROP tool with Building Energy Management Systems

Inteligg is a startup company based in Athens, Greece with the mission to deliver intelligent, innovative and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Communities.  Inteligg develops products, provides services and engages in research in the fields of energy, transport, environment and rural applications. Its main product/service is SMARTH-PROP, a self-learning and self-adjusting smart thermostat system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms supporting multi-zonal control of heating/cooling systems for higher energy savings up to 40% in buildings.


  • To find the suitable buildings to test the SMARTH-PROP system.
  • To migrate INTELIGG’s energy savings algorithms to the cloud platform offered by the programme.
  • To integrate INTELIGG’s energy savings service with the BEMS installed in the selected buildings.

Work Plan

T1. Pilots planning and preparation (M0-M1)

This task represents the objectives and scope of the envisaged pilot, identifying scenarios to be tested and planning the execution activities. The work is documented in a short Excel sheet constituting the reference guidelines for experiment execution. This task will also encounter the design of those evaluation metrics that will be applied to the pilot deployment phase in order to assess the validity and the added value of the solution, in terms of cost and energy savings.

T2. Pilots deployment (M1-M5)

The task includes the experimental activities (i.e., system integration) organised so to test and evaluate in real life conditions and with real actors the SMARTH-PROP system. This task is based on the planning and preparatory activities undertaken in task T1. Suggestions from the user and building manager will be collected during pilot deployment.

The Pilot deployment will have two (2) different cases

  1. a) Establishing a stable communication between the cloud server and the BEMS (M1-4) and
  2. b) Installing extra devices if required, and the of AI algorithms and cloud server ‘placement on the top’ of the network and applications communicating via Bacnet (SaaS) on the existing BEMS (M3-M5)

T3. Pilot results consolidation and recommendations (M5-M6)

The task aims at comparing and evaluating the experiment results. The results will be reported in a document summarising the work of the Pilot. The purpose is to summarise the results of the experiments, and their performance verifications, into a set of indications and recommendations addressed to improvement, replication and deployment.

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