OpenAIRE ELD-Enrich Local Data via the OpenAIRE Graph – ADVANCE

A dashboard for repository administrators and researchers to manage the Data Correction and the Publication Claim services

4Science, an Itway company, provides outstanding solutions for research information & data management and for cultural heritage. Our solutions include DSpace-CRIS 7, DSpace, DSpace-GLAM and Dataverse, and our services range from installation and configuration to maintenance to customisation and consultancy.

Our team has decades of domain expertise and experience, including technological, methodological and policy-related, the fruit of numerous collaborations with universities and research institutes around the world, and backgrounds working in national research and education technology agencies.

Openness is a defining value of 4Science, highlighted in three main areas. Firstly, open research (open access, open data, open research culture, open science) and open digital cultural heritage. Secondly, open-source software and collaboration (community-based); thirdly, open standards, to enable innovation, sharing and collaboration. 

4Science’s solutions are designed to enable you to manage your research information & data, and your cultural assets, with full interoperability, globally connectedness and robust security. A Certified ORCID Service Provider, Certified DSpace Partner and Solution Provider for the Cloud Security Alliance, 4Science is also ISO 9001 certified, bringing a high level of assurance with its services. 

Our solutions support compliance with key international standards, from OpenAIRE to ORCID to IIIF, and enable implementation of transnationally important policies, including Open Research, Research Impact and Digital Preservation.

In spring 2021, OpenAIRE ELD released two new services: the Data Correction (based on the OpenAIRE Notification Broker), to enrich repository data by exploiting the vast amount of information made available by OpenAIRE, and the Publication Claim (based on the OpenAIRE Graph), to ensure that the repository stays up-to-date by automatically discovering new content produced by the institution’s researchers in the OpenAIRE Graph, thus reducing the manual input from researchers. 

4Science proposes to complete this task and make OpenAIRE services available out-of-box in the latest releases of DSpace as it was already done in DSpace-CRIS, for the international community of adopters, in collaboration with the OpenAIRE team. 



Open Access and Open Science policies are spreading throughout Europe: we believe that all the Institutions that are implementing (or are willing to implement) an OA/OS mandate/policy for their respositories and research assets will benefit of the ELD-ADVANCE functionalities, enabling a better control on tracking (and measuring) the impact of research assets and their authors, increasing institutional prestige, impact and credibility. 

We aim to achieve full impact with a better out-of-box integration with the most widely used tool and repository system in the world, DSpace, in its latest and most stable versions (7.2/7.3) through one final phase.



Work Plan

Our proposed timeline, within the 9 month timeframe, would be as follows;

  • February/March 2022 -> update OpenAIRE ELD DSpace PR to align with release 7.2
  • April/May 2022 -> add support for OpenAIRE notification broker client
  • June/July 2022 -> work with the community for official acceptance into DSpace 7.3
  • Sept/Oct 2022 -> official and validated delivery of the two new features



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