Knowco collabwith platform integrated with the EOSC.

Enhance Knowco collab with services capabilities for academia- industry collaboration with EOSC services.

Knowco Collabwith is the digitalization of collaborative relationships between academia and businesses to valorize knowledge gained and created by universities and start-ups in a modern way. It is a matchmaking platform for innovation, which provides global access to a database of professors from universities and start-ups and also enables users to make requests to collaborate with each other, all while ensuring protection by following a smart legal framework. Knowco Collabwith platform is based on providing a database of registered academics, startups and businesses across Europe and opportunities marketplace for those who are seeking new knowledge and new technology to generate new innovations through collaborations and bring them to the market.

The aim of this pilot is to connect communities and automatically match needs and challenges with knowledge and technology in the Knowco Collabwith platform and beyond current innovation ecosystems in Europe.


The pilots seeks to solve the challenge of easy access for academics and partners from the EOSC platform to Knowco Collabwith platform where the EOSC participants can use the Knowco Collabwith platform to make easy to discover, value and monetize their own knowledge and technology or to easily find solutions for increased cross border collaboration in Europe and beyond. Currently, the Knowco Collabwith platform has the functionalities of a community database with elastic search engine, to make a direct collaboration request to each member, and a marketplace of opportunities where each member can create collaboration opportunities for a service or for consulting needs. This pilot will enhance the capacity and capabilities of Knowco Collabwith with the EOSC APIs and other applications to increase the knowledge transfer to industry.

The goal is to increase the quality and success rate of the industry-academia collaboration and reduce the timeline for finding academics, start-ups, SMEs, corporate knowledge and innovation professionals by providing a matchmaking AI and machine learning algorithm as part of the Knowco Collabwith platform.


  • Match the past research on EOSC, based on services and products in the Marketplace, with industry business.
  • Promote EOSC research to an European community of business.
  • Promote EOSC research to an European community of innovation managers and startups.

Work Plan

The first step is to integrate the Single Sign On EOSC API with the Knowco Collabwith platform: We will use the voucher to finance software development to connect and integrate the SSO API, so European universities, Open Air, Orcid, EGI and all EOSC participants and members can seamlessly access to the Knowco Collabwith platform and start the collaboration journey and operations faster.

The second step is to help the EOSC DIH participants who join the Knowco Collabwith platform to add their past and present research on the Marketplace to make visible their knowledge and technology which could be valuable for startups and SMEs. As well, we will add the EOSC search in the Knowco Collabwith platform to help the members to access directly the EOSC database.

As a third step, we will ensure the matches and collaboration recommendations among the business, innovation manager and startups with the EOSC DIH participant challenges and needs.

As a fourth step, we will look at the research and projects from EOSC DIH participants and we will create interviews for the Knowco Collabwith Online Magazine to bring an extra visibility of their research, technology and knowledge from the EOSC DIH.

The other side, it’s to increase collaborations between public and private institutions. For this objective we will publish the Knowco Collabwith services inside the EOSC Marketplace, to facilitate that the EOSC DIH participants are aware of the Knowco Collabwith platform and services. As a communication, our Knowco Collabwith platform will be accessible to use EOSC database, and Knowco Collabwith will be accessible via EOSC portal, we will create a special edition of our “Business of Collaboration” podcast to disseminate the EOSC DIH collaborations, and facilitate the access to services provided by EOSC Knowco Collabwith members and ecosystem.

As a business model, research and business will create collaborations with the Knowco Collabwith services inside and outside the platform. The EOSC DIH service providers can provide access to grants, subscriptions, to the Knowco Collabwith members.


Service providers

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