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OiPub is working to make research easier to find, follow and discuss. OiPub’s design is based on its tagging and broadcasting system that allows users to create information hubs and share knowledge and discussion with peers in every niche. Each information hub is automatically populated with the relevant research and the information can be sorted by different metrics to allow you to find the information you need.

 This EOSC pilot aims to build OiPub’s MVP design, focusing on the core aspects that will bring the most value to its users.


An overwhelming amount of research is published each year – and the rate is only accelerating. For busy specialists it becomes ever more challenging to find time to identify key updates and keep up with the latest developments. On the other hand, for researchers delving into a new field or students getting acquainted with a subject, it can be challenging to get up to date and identify the foundational must know research that a given topic is built on. OiPub aims to solve this problem for researchers, allowing them to spend less time digging for the right information and allowing them to focus on their work instead.

Work Plan

This pilot will be focusing on breaking down OiPub’s design concept into the key aspects for its MVP through co-design, prototyping and user testing. The aim is to create a user validated MVP which initial test users find valuable and that can scale.

The design concept is built around a categorised library of all research outputs. As such, work will also be done in investigating EOSC and its partner services that can either provide data or support in the computational tasks required.

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