IRAZ: Integration of RSpace with Argos and Zenodo

Integration of RSpace electronic lab notebook and sample management system with Argos and Zenodo

Digital research platform with an electronic lab notebook, integrated with a sample management system.

Research Space provides RSpace, a digital research platform that includes a fully featured electronic lab notebook integrated with a sample management system. Through integrations between RSpace and other research tools including file storage/sharing apps like Owncloud, NextCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive, specialized tools like the PyRat animal colony management system and the Clustermarket equipment scheduling system,, and others, it is also possible to create links in RSpace to data related to the experiment/project being documented in RSpace that resides in these external tools. This results in a rich and more comprehensive presentation of the experimental record, which through additional integrations can be deposited in data repositories including Dataverse, Dryad and Figshare, facilitating FAIR principles and workflows.

Zenodo is the mostly widely used general purpose data repository, and Argos is a new but important machine actionable data management planning tool that has been integrated with Zenodo. Argos and Zenodo are part of OpenAire Nexus, a set of services to implement and accelerate Open Science. The integration of RSpace with Argos and Zenodo, and the addition of RSpace to OpenAire Nexus, will enhance and enrich OpenAire Nexus by adding to the ecosystem of interoperable tools it makes available to researchers.


The main challenge is clarifying the details of use of the Zenodo API to implement the integration with Zenodo and the RSpace API to implement the Argos integration.

Work Plan

1. Confirm detailed requirements and spec out integration details with Argos and Zenodo: 2 months
2. Work with developers at Argos and Zenodo on a first iteration of the integrations: 3 months
3. Engage with researchers to test the integrations: 1 month
4. Incorporate feedback from testers and complete production versions of the integrations: 2 months

Business Partner

EOSC Service provider

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