Analysing sports performance through a cloud hosted platform.

Analysing sports performance through a cloud hosted platform.

Top-level athletes often record training sessions for review and analysis, looking for weak spots to address with specific training. Continuous improvement in sports also implies having a way to keep track of an athlete’s performance over time. As of today, that is chiefly done by hand and depends on the athlete’s and the coach’s interpretation of the training videos. The amount of data can be huge, since every athlete or every player of a team can be recorded in a training session at least at 50 frames per second, and from every frame many patterns can be identified and tracked. And to optimize the analysis, performance must be monitored during the entire season. The idea for VAMOS comes from this need for a smart video processing tool able to extract KPIs in a data-driven and automated way.


As a EOSC-hub business pilot, Moxoff developed VAMOS – Video Analysis for Movement Optimization and Statistical analysis – is a web-application where each authenticated user can analyze and monitor performance of an athletic gesture.

VAMOS is scalable and automatic, i.e. there is no need for human supervision: the final user will upload one video per gesture, together with some additional information and will receive as output a report with advanced statistics on his training sessions, such as consistency, best repetition, quantitative indicators.

How they used EOSC-hub services

Moxoff deployed two virtual machines (VMs) using the EGI Cloud Compute service: one for the front-end of VAMOS, the other for the back-end requiring more computational resources. The specs were:

  • Back-end VM: 12 vCPU, 22GB RAM, 1 GPU 1080Ti
  • Front-end VM: 4 vCPU, 7.3GB RAM, Disk 30GB.

The value proposition of VAMOS

VAMOS allows coaches and athletes to save time and increase their efficiency as the data is processed by advanced algorithm and methods (such as functional data analysis) automatically, extracting all the KPIs they need in standard reports.

How EOSC-hub helped

Working within the EOSC-hub project gave Moxoff the possibility to reach a wide audience and a very active network working on mathematical modelling, data science and optimization. The international experience allowed created new opportunities for the future. From the technical point of view, the cloud infrastructure which has been made available increased Moxoff’s computational capability, necessary to scale up and to process huge amount of data.


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