Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & DIHNET

The DIHnet project in the EC flagship for organising and facilitating the collaboration between Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe and ultimately to support the creation of a sustainable pan-European network of networks.

DIHnet is a strategic initiative for the EOSC DIH and collaboration activities comprise:

  • Serving as a member within 2 DIHnet Working Groups: Funding & Finance; Collaboration
  • Participating and presenting in the DIH Annual Events, supported workshops and webinars
  • Engaging via the DIHnet online community forum
  • Dissemination of DIH activities and EOSC DIH results

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH and DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud

Note: in Fall 2023, DEEP Hybrid Data Cloud is being superseded by the AI4EOSC platform.

Deep Hybrid Data Cloud i a project that supports intensive computing techniques (ML/DL) that require access to specialized HPC hardware, like GPUs or low-latency interconnects, to explore very large datasets.

EOSC-DIH and DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud (DEEP) have entered into a collaboration agreement aiming to foster their adoption by SMEs, undertake dissemination of new offerings, and collaborate on business pilots. Specifically, the collaboration agreement forsees the following goals to achieve:

  • To disseminate the following DEEP-Hybrid Data Cloud services throught their inclusion into the EOSC DIH offering, fostering their adoption by SMEs:

– ML application porting to EOSC technological infrastructure

– ML implementation best practices

– AI-enabled services prototyping in EOSC landscape

  •  To identify SMEs interested in such an offer and set up a business pilot
  • To disseminate the new offer through EOSC DIH channels
  • To redirect existing and future SME collaborations through the EOSC DIH channel
  • To find providers willing to support the business pilot and DEEP services through the EOSH DIH.

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & CloudSME

CloudSME was created to provide vendor independent cloud technology to support sustainable growth and digitalization within Europe as well as to increase its competitiveness in the worldwide economy.

EOSC-DIH and CloudSME have started a collaboration to support each other in undertaking dissemination of their business opportunities and uptaking new business pilots. Some of the possible collaborations are aligned with:

  • Introduce the MiCADO tool as framework that supports automated scalability of a large variety of applications in the EOSC Marketplace.
  • EOSC DIH could support CloudSME in the visibility from an operational point of view (not technical support /integration)
  • CloudSME could provide information about the DIH services to research collaborators, Cloudifacturing and COLA projects and their stakeholders.
  • In general, explore possible collaborations between the parties to promote the visibility of them in both research and commercial markets and to participate in H2020 proposals.
  • EOSC could support cloudME at the uptake of business relevant relations.

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE is a European e-Infrastructure that promotes open scholarly communication for all actors in the research ecosystem, by providing services, resources and network. 

Key to  OpenAIRE is the provision of a set of services that support on the one hand researchers in performing Open Science practices covering all phases of the research lifecycle, and beyond that, and on the other, actors that complement and produce value from open research results. Through the OpenAIRE-Nexus H2020 project, OpenAIRE brings into EOSC services and resources that help the industry be more actively involved in the research ecosystem development, specifically, in using and uptaking resources. OpenAIRE services are fully embedded in researchers’ workflows and practices of openness and Fairness for research data, making scholarly content accessible so that SMEs, start-ups and spin-offs can improve, challenge and co-create the future services within EOSC. The current users of OpenAIRE services are researchers, content and services providers, research managers, groups and networks, research infrastructures, funders and policy makers, citizen scientists and SMEs.

We invite visionaries and innovators to become the leaders of tomorrow and together co-design, co-create and co-develop services for the EOSC ecosystem. 

The following activities will be provided by OpenAIRE to the EOSC-DIH business pilots:

Resources & Support

  • Programmatic access to trustable, accurate, interlinked interoperable services all in one place.
  • Access to the OpenAIRE Research Graph (, that provides millions of metadata collection of scholarly works (publications, research data, software, other research products) and their links.
  • Technical support and training.
  • Personalised support with videoconferencing and emails.

Business Value

  • A great testing environment that will allow business pilots to calibrate and run optimum solutions to fulfil their goals.
  • Time and resources saving process.
  • Get support from ideation to exploration and implementation of the best valued solution.
  • Increase business solutions value to potential future funders, investors and open-up to science and research domain for collaborations.

EOSC Vision

  • Interoperability of business pilots with OpenAIRE.
  • Visibility and credibility of business pilots on the OpenAIRE and EOSC portals.
  • Positioning of business pilots within EOSC, reaching out to Europe’s research organisations.

Join OpenAIRE and help us mainstream innovation in EOSC.

To find a detailed list of the OpenAIRE-Nexus services with a brief description, please visit the services section on the EOSC-DIH dedicated portal

About OpenAIRE: OpenAIRE, is a European e-Infrastructure with the mission to establish, maintain and operate an open scholarly communication infrastructure. It provides services, resources and a network, to support a common European e-science environment. Maintaining a network of 37 National Open Access Desks (NOADs),  OpenAIRE provides a forum for the alignment of policies and best practices on Open Access to publications, interoperability of repositories, Research Data Management and training to researchers, content providers, research managers and policy makers. Operating since 2009, OpenAIRE is an integral part and a leading force behind the European Open Science Cloud developments. OpenAIRE A.M.K.E. is a Non-Profit Partnership established in September 2018 with 47 members.

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH and SoBigData

SoBigData is the European Research Infrastructure for Big Data and Social Mining. From data to knowledge, investigating stories ethically, paying attention to citizens privacy.

Through the SoBigData++ support project, and within a dedicated activity on Accelerating Innovation, the partnership with the EOSC DIH serves to:

  • Expand the SoBigData industrial and institutional network
  • Develop joint business pilots
  • Exchange speaking engagements to industrial events organized
  • Offer opportunities through SoBigData ‘Challenge Us’ Programme for exploitation of competences and skills
  • Exchange knowledge to and from the SoBigData Industrial Board
  • Reciprocate dissemination and promotional activities and results

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & EOSC-synergy

EOSC-synergy is an European project coordinated by CSIC (Spain) in the IBERGRID framework that contributes to the European Open Science Cloud landscape by expanding the capabilities and adoption of EOSC services at the National level in the countries participating in the consortium: Portugal, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Check Republic.

Thematic services and training initiatives deployed in EOSC Synergy are susceptible to be integrated as innovation activities through the experiments or pilots developed in the EOSC DIH. The objective of this partnership is to explore the ways of collaboration to maximize the impact of the EOSC services offered by both initiatives and promote the innovation and exploitation of the main results. 

The following activities will be carried out:

  • Explore the exploitation of research data and services with a clear industrial exploitation path from the EOSC Synergy thematic services,  considering different business models to be applied. 

  • Analyse the adoption and integration of EOSC Synergy training tools, i.e. the Hackathon as a Service (HaaS) under the Training and support service of the EOSC DIH. This would increase the skill development service provided by the EOSC DIH while maximizing the visibility of the EOSC Synergy results in a commercial environment. 

  • Reciprocate dissemination and promotional activities and results

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & EU-ToxRisk and Edelweiss Connection

EU-ToxRisk is an Integrated European ‘Flagship’ Programme Driving Mechanism-based Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment for the 21st century. The vision of EU-ToxRisk is to drive the required paradigm shift in toxicological testing away from ‘black box’ animal testing towards a toxicological assessment based on human cell responses and a comprehensive mechanistic understanding of cause-consequence relationships of chemical adverse effects. 

Edelweiss Connect (EwC, previously known as Douglas Connect and renamed from February 2019) is a Swiss SME located in Basel, specialised in developing and implementing integrated scientific and technology solutions for industrial use and regulatory acceptance in areas of significant societal and market impact. EwC has extensive experience in scientific research and innovation integrating data, in silico and in vitro methods and related infrastructure into solutions, and has been involved in organising scientific, technical and knowledge management solution development projects since 2008 Edelweiss Connect provides the expertise and experience to initiate, coordinate and manage large collaborative research projects, with partners from industry, government and academia. Its goal is to incubate high impact products, services and startup companies at the forefront of innovation, with sustainability and responsibility. 

EOSC-DIH and EU-ToxRisk have started a collaboration that foresees the following objectives:

  • Explore and facilitate the inclusion of EU-ToxRisk services in the EOSC Marketplace. 

  • Identify, develop and run a pilot through the EOSC DIH.

  • EOSC DIH and EU-ToxRisk will work together on identifying the EU-ToxRisk services that could extend the EOSC DIH portfolio. This will allow EUToxRISK to further improve their exploitation capabilities, while also enriching EOSC DIH offers.

  • Conduct joint promotion of the partnership through existing dissemination channels, offer opportunities to participate in key events, as well as publish results in print/online material and potentially in the EOSC Portal. They will also investigate further collaboration ideas and common possible initiatives and projects.

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & BIGDataStack project

The BigDataStack H2020 project is a R&D project in the Big Data domain under the umbrella of the BDVA PPP. BigDataStack aims at providing a complete infrastructure management system, which will base the management and deployment decisions on data from current and past application and infrastructure deployments. This complete infrastructure management system is delivered as a full“stack” that facilitates the needs of operation data and application. 

BigDataStack project started in 2018 and the project consortium is composed of 10 industrial partners and 4 Academia and research partners.

EOSC-DIH and BigDataStack have started a collaboration aiming to explore the joint collaboration in the execution of pilots with SMEs.  Specifically, the collaboration agreement foresees the following objectives:

  • Understand the offerings of the BigDataStack project 
  • Investigate possibilities of extending EOSC DIH offers with the BigDataStack offerings in a partnership
  • Investigate the possibilities of defining common pilots, 
  • Looking for potential SME’s interested in the collaboration

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & Collabwith

Collabwith is a global platform to standardized collaboration for innovation, our value proposal is to simplify, digitalize, accelerate the collaboration process from searching your partner until starting collaborating.

Collabwith will like to partner with EOSC-DIH after the KNOWCO4EOSC pilot. This is a partnership proposal for a potential different new pilot, and to contribute to EOSC-DIH with the Collabwith services and training for collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. Collabwith Marketplace wants to help EOSC scientists match their research results with potential business models with industry by reducing bureaucracy and smart legal contracts with data protection clauses, and special clauses to protect IP and research results of unethical usage, and protection clauses that in case the industry partner was not using the research results in a specific time, then scientists got back the whole rights to further research. The following activities will be carried out:

  • Provide a catalogue of workshops for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship for startups and partners.
  • Introduce the “Collaboration Canvas”, “Entrepreneurship Journey Canvas with Collaboration and Emotional Intelligence”  as a framework and methodology that supports effective communication and collaboration between EOSC-DIH partners, pilots and experts.
  • Identification of startups and SMEs interested to set up a business pilot with EOSC-DIH.
  • Dissemination of EOSC-DIH activities, results and funding calls and interesting opportunities of the EOSC partners.


Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & DICE project

DICE service providers would like to partner with EOSC-DIH to better reach out SMEs stakeholders and their exploitation of the services offered via DICE, increasing the impact of the project in the private sector.

The Data Infrastructure Capacities for EOSC (DICE) project brings together a network of computing and data centers, and research infrastructures, for the purpose to enable a European storage and data management infrastructure for EOSC, providing generic services and building blocks to store, find, access and process data in a consistent and persistent way. The service and resource provisioning will be accompanied by enhancing the current service offering in order to fill the gaps still present to the support of the entire research data lifecycle; solutions will be provided for increasing the quality of data and their re-usability, supporting long term preservation, managing sensitive data, and bridging between data and computing resources.

All services provided via DICE will be offered through the EOSC Portal and interoperable with EOSC Core via a lean interoperability layer to allow efficient resource provisioning from the very beginning of the project.

The data services offered via DICE through EOSC are designed to be agnostic to the scientific domains in order to be multidisciplinary and to fulfil the needs of different communities.

DICE service providers would like to partner with EOSC-DIH to better reach out SMEs stakeholders and their exploitation of the services offered via DICE, increasing the impact of the project in the private sector.

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH and C-SCALE

The C-SCALE  (Copernicus−eoSC  AnaLytics Engine) project  aims  to federate  existing  European EO service providers, Cloud resources and computing centres, including the Copernicus DIAS and national Collaborative Ground Segments. The federation shall capitalise on the European Open Science Cloud’s (EOSC) capacity and capabilities to support Copernicus research and operations with large and easily accessible European computing environments. This in turn will facilitate the rapid scaling, processing and sharing of EO  data among a large and diverse community of EO end-users including researchers, application developers and service providers. In practice this is accomplished by:(i)increasing the service offering available through the EOSC  Portal by supporting application providers with market-ready  solutions1,  (ii)  underpinning  EO  services with diverse  &  scalable compute infrastructures available through EOSC and by (iii) opening these services and IT resources to the wider European Earth Observation community.

The project is coordinated and represented by EODC Earth Observation Data Centre GmbH, the full project consortium is presented on page .

C-SCALE service providers would like to partner with EOSC-DIH to exploit the C-SCALE services to SMEs, increasing the impact of the project in the private sector. Equally, C-SCALE is interested in acting as an exploitation channel for SMEs and startups wishing to become part of the Earth Observation or Copernicus Ecosystems.

Concrete joint actions cover:

  • Identify the C-SCALE  services (and associated providers) that can be offered to SMEs and those to be included in the EOSC DIH offering/portfolio.
  • Agree on the detailed support mechanism through the EOSC DIH pilots for the SMEs using C-SCALE services
  • Collaborate to define common business pilots 
  • Identify ways the open calls published by both parties can realise synergies. 
  • EOSC DIH will contribute to promote the C-SCALE services through the current EOSC DIH community. 
  • Both entities will collaborate in terms of mutual dissemination activities 

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & EGI-ACE

EGI-ACE is a 30-month project coordinated by the EGI Foundation with a mission to empower researchers from all disciplines to collaborate in data and compute-intensive research through free-at-point-of-use services. Building on the distributed computing integration in the EOSC-hub project, EGI-ACE will deliver the EOSC Compute Platform and will contribute to the EOSC Data Commons through a federation of cloud compute and storage facilities, PaaS services and data spaces with analytics tools.

EGI-ACE’s main goal is to implement the compute platform of the European Open Science Cloud and contribute to the EOSC Data Commons by delivering integrated computing platforms, data spaces and tools as an integrated solution that is aligned with major European cloud federation projects and HPC initiatives.

EGI-ACE will like to partner with EOSC-DIH to increase the exploitation of EGI ACE services through the private sector while opening the innovative collaboration with Industry, generating wider impact for private companies and society. Specifically the following actions will take place:

  • EOSC DIH will use EGI-ACE as a support infrastructure for business pilots that require advanced computational services.
  • EGI-ACE will involve EOSC DIH in the support of use cases that approach EGI-ACE but could benefit from broader engagement with the commercial face of EOSC.
  • Promotion of joint achievements at various events.

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH and LeadershIP4SME

LEADERSHIP4SMEs (Leveraging the Emergence of Advanced Debt and Equity Risk-financing Solutions for the Hypergrowth of IP-driven SMEs & Start-Ups”) is a project financed by the European Commission under the Grant Agreement n° 951164. L4SMEs has the mission to develop a holistic framework, allowing SMEs and start-ups proposing disruptive innovations (the core target group of the project) to efficiently leverage their intangible IP assets to stimulate their growth by opening access to adequate private and public funding opportunities, correlated with their business development strategy and market potential. L4SMEs will establish, starting from the networks of the consortium members and their external partners, a community of at least 1 000 disruptive SMEs and start-ups, that will be offered access to a set of tailored support services (IP protection and exploitation, access to finance, access to markets, networking and visibility). From the overall community, 15 SMEs and 15 start-ups will be selected through 2 open calls for applications and will receive reinforce support services from the consortium by leveraging the methodology and tools developed in the scope of the project, whose impacts we are aiming to demonstrate in the process. The project also aims to act as an intermediary between the larger community of SMEs and start-ups and external expert organizations having a similar mission (i.e. business support organizations) or interested in engaging with such companies to offer their services.

Cooperate to generate IP-related investment and business opportunities for the members of their communities, and offer according to their possibilities and based on conditions defined on a case-by-case basis, support services contributing to their development.

Both entities commit to contribute to the partnership by:

  • Providing access to the methodologies and tools developed by L4SMEs and offering support in their exploitation according to the needs
  • Sharing information about the services and opportunities presenting a potential interest for the members of both communities, special focus on open calls and workshops
  • Jointly promoting the partnership by integrating information on both project websites, social media, and during the events

Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & Riverfresh Limited

Riverfresh is a company that operates directly and through established agreements with a select group of associate partners and is able to offer an expanding range of services to high growth scale-ups, start-ups, HEIs, Independent Research Organisations, venture building, corporate accelerator and open innovation teams both in the UK/Europe and globally. These services include:

  • Technology and Innovation Scouting.
  • Venture Building and Accelerated Commercialisation Services.
  • Growth and Innovation Funding.
  • Company Acquisition Search Services.
  • Business and Go To Market Strategy Execution.

    Riverfresh would like to partner with EOSC-DIH to leverage and provide additional synergy to support the DIH services portfolio including where they relate to transitioning academic research into product development and commercial exploitation; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Digital Health; Quantum; Advanced Materials; Industry 4.0 and Robotics.

    Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & StairwAI project.

    The StairwAI project targets low-tech users, in particular, SMEs with the goal of facilitating the uptake of AI and their engagement on the AI on-demand Platform. This will be achieved through a new service layer enriching the functionalities of the on-demand platform and containing i) a multilingual interaction layer enabling conversations with the Platform in the user’s own language; ii) a horizontal matchmaking service for the automatic discovery of AI assets (tools, data sets, AI experts, consultants, papers, courses etc.) meeting the user business needs and; iii) a vertical matchmaking service that will dimension and provision hardware resources through a proper hardware provider (HPC, Cloud and Edge infrastructures).

    These services are designed and implemented by using techniques in an AI for AI fashion. The AI techniques deployed in the development of the services are natural language processing for multilingual interaction, constraint solving, optimization and machine learning for horizontal and vertical matchmaking, knowledge representation for organizing the platform AI assets, reputation and fairness mechanisms to improve the matching results.

    StairwAI would like to partner with EOSC-DIH to increase the impact of companies working with both projects at the European level, maximise the potential of funding opportunities for SMEs and optimise the resources dedicated to training and building community.

    Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & Media Futures

    Media Futures is reshaping the media value chain through responsible, innovative uses of data. 

    Together , EOSC DIH and Media Futures will exchange knowledge and experience on sustainability, operations and the management of startup and SME communities. Moreover, we will utilize the EOSC DIH and the MediaFutures communities to further disseminate and exploit the outputs of both projects.

    And of course, we will deliver and receive relevant online workshops and explore the sustainability potential of both the MediaFutures and EOSC DIH communities.

    Make sure to keep an eye on our event section and social media channels for updates on this collaboration and to stay up-to-date about upcoming events and trainings.

    Make sure to follow MediaFutures on LinkedIn and Twitter as well!

    Collaboration Partnership between EOSC DIH & Operas

    OPERAS is the Research Infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in the European Research Area. Its mission is to coordinate and federate resources in Europe to efficiently address the scholarly communication needs of European researchers in the field of SSH. OPERAS’ aim is to make Open Science a reality for research in the SSH and achieve a scholarly communication system where knowledge produced in the SSH benefits researchers, academics, students and more generally the whole society across Europe and worldwide, without barriers.

    The OPERAS Innovation Lab is part of OPERAS Research Infrastructure with the aim to both provide a knowledge hub on novel scholarly communication as well as to prototype innovative services for OPERAS and/or the wider SSH community. The Innovation Lab fosters innovation through threemain activities:  observatory, innovation management, and research. Its main outputs include recommendations, guidelines, and prototypes.

     EOSC-DIH and the OPERAS Innovation Lab would strive to:

    • Diversify the EOSC DIH service offering with services from the SSH domain
    • Provide the OPERAS Innovation Lab with access to industry
    • Visually showcase a link between the OPERAS Innovation Lab and the EOSC
    • Conduct joint dissemination and promotion