Deep Learning Model for Energy Time Series in Local Communities


 Identifying the operational state and power consumption of individual electrical loads, considering as input only the aggregated consumption from the central smart meter.


Builtrix is a fast growing provider of energy intelligence solutions for commercial buildings with clients in Portugal, Italy and Switzerland. We are one of the main winners of national & EU grants and competitions in the area of sustainability, energy & digitalization. During the pilot, Builtrix will use its cloud computing resources including the software assets including database management, data streaming and connectors, security & access management, and UI applications. These assets have been used in large scale pilots in different EU countries.


Our experience at Builtrix large scale pilots with entities managing over 1000 buildings tells us that the major drawback of the smart buildings is the purchase, installation, and maintenance of many IoT devices and sensors.

Reports indicate that the capital cost for installation of each electricity smart meter is around 200 EUR. This cost in conjunction with the occupants’ disruption during the installation do not allow property owners/managers to buy and install them. However, the cost and installation time are not the only issue and deployment of such a huge sensor network, connectivity, data collection, and storage may have destructive environmental impacts in terms of increased electronic wastes and carbon emissions.

Work Plan

Builtrix aims to use DIH services to prototype a MVP that is developed based on our customers’ challenge. Together with our DIH partners we aim to reach several KPIs as part of EnergyDeel work plan. We will start with developing the Proof of Concept (PoC), update our business plan, and then test EnergyDeel prototype with Builtrix customer Buildings.

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