Integrated management tools for forestry operations

About the Pilot

The Tama WaldCursor provides integrated management tools for forestry operations and forestry owners. The cloud and app based WaldCursor is designed on a remote sensing backbone, sponsored by ESA (TSMF 10CM DP). Today’s target users of the cloud product are medium to small scale forestry companies and private forestry owners. The WaldCursor was commercially launched in April 2022.

The pilot TWC-SCUP intends to investigate and test the capabilities of the currently available algorithms, data handling structures and system performance to achieve a system scale up of the current average of 5km² per user -as normal in private forestry operations- to an average of 50km² per account -as expected with environmental use cases for local eco-systems.

The scale up factor of 10 per login requires intensive testing on a larger machine as currently available.

WaldCursor conducted a Satellite image (ESA Sentinel-2) based analysis of a customer defined area in the Dominican Republic, stretching by a bounding box over an area of 1.6mio ha (16,000km²); net investigation area: 1,180ha. The addition of resources, protocols and processing modules to the commercially available Tama WaldCursor using the available resources from C-SCALE and EOSC-DIH helped to achieve this scale-up.


Tama used the C-SCALE’s service FedEarthData (Federated Earth System Simulation and Data Processing Platform) for satellite image analysis, and C-SCALE resources for scaling-up.

In addition, Tama used the expertise of the EOSC DIH experts for the exploratory and scale up phases. The project has been divided into several scale-up phases, increasing the amount of the resources and complexity.

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