Yuppies Data Management System for smart building analysis

Big Data Management infrastructure containing facility and building surveys datasets to allow a free research and flexible data organisation to perform smart analytics

YDMS focuses on the request to innovate survey services for civil buildings and infrastructures. The engineering company Yuppies Services is engaged since 1985 in the research and development of systems for the collection, production and archiving of building’s technical registry record on the Italian national heritage. Through the experience gained in decades of technical surveying and the development of applications that greatly enhanced the survey workflow, to date the company stores a large amount of data on hospitals, schools, university, museums and administrative buildings placed all over Italy. By working on those several buildings datasets, Yuppies Services pointed out the need of an integrated system that could make searchable and accessible all the data gathered in time from various building surveys. In fact, YDMS stems from the need to manage, organise and make searchable the large amount of data required to set-up the building’s technical registry record. A technical registry record consists in a dataset collection that stores all the components of the facility-building system, through survey information maps and graphic restitutions.


The aim is to create the above-mentioned YDMS – a Big Data management datalake -based infrastructure containing facility and building surveys datasets to permit flexible data organisation and to carry out smart data analytics. By importing in the YDMS the heterogeneous types of facility-building system datasets and by generating a structured time – series based scheme, it will be possible to provide interested end-users with all available information collected. Through the YDMS the survey data could be searched and combined according to different criteria: for instance, by ownership, use, location and other peculiarities. The smart analysis on those large amounts of data could be performed to improve the facility management, the energy management and, in general, the restoration of the public heritage. Furthermore, the availability of time-series data on the same assets would permit to analyse potential changes in terms of investments, technologies adopted and developments in the different sites. YDMS would also help to develop more efficient facility management services and reduce the time required for technical investigations. 

Work Plan

  • Project requirements and infrastructure design 

The goal of this task is to identify technical requirements of the Datalake based  platform and components to integrate. The design of the infrastructure will pay attention to security and privacy issues. 

  • Implementation of the data management system YDMS  

This task aims to translate the technical and business requirements into specific platform features grouped logically in modular components to build a flexible and extensible architectural design.

  • Implementation of the Import data software Y0DS 

The goal is developing the software Y0DS to import present facility-building system datasets in the YDMS. 

  1. Testing and Validation 

The aim is testing the benchmark – datasets on buildings for the use of the health system – in the use of YDMS infrastructure implemented through the software Y0DS. 

Business Partner

EOSC Service provider

Supporting project