Tama WaldCursor Scale-Up

Integrated management tools for forestry operations and forestry owners

Tama Group was founded in 2015, having established three lines of business:

  • distribution of and professional services for remote sensing software,
  • design, build, operations and transfer of information factories and
  • development and marketing of the cloud based forestry and environmental portal WaldCursor.


A factor of 10 concerning the average size of an area of interest (AOI), in our case a growth from 5km² to 50km², poses interesting challenges with image based data processing. This may also mean the switch from ‘single image processing’ to ‘massive tiling & stitching’ based processing. Also, with substantially larger AOIs, the number and structure of adjacent layers, such as thematic layers, will bring non-linear challenges with data processing.

Work Plan

The pilot is structured in four phases: (a) a preparatory phase, (b) a normal scale-up phase, (c) a special scale-up phase and (d) return to the normal scale-up phase.

Business Partner

EOSC Service provider

Supporting project