Deep Learning Model for Energy Time Series in Local Communities


About the Pilot

Builtrix is a fast growing provider of energy intelligence solutions for commercial buildings with clients in Portugal, Italy and Switzerland. As part of the EOSC DIH Pilot Programme, Builtrix has developed EnergyDeeL a cutting-edge data-driven software technology harnessing open-source big data tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI), has successfully completed its pilot phase. This Virtual Disaggregation technology, also referred to as Non-intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM), has demonstrated Builtrix’s capability to identify the operational state (on/off) and the precise power consumption of individual electrical loads, relying solely on aggregated consumption data from the central smart meter.

During the pilot phase, Builtrix meticulously modeled and rigorously tested EnergyDeeL in a local community, encompassing both service and residential sectors. EnergyDeeL seamlessly integrated into Builtrix’s energy analytics platform, working in harmony with rooftop photovoltaic (PV) plants, distribution system operator (DSO) smart meters, Energy and Building management systems, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, and other stakeholders.

This groundbreaking pilot project unfolded in a pilot community of energy prosumers located in Cascais, Portugal, and played a pivotal role in empowering service buildings to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding the deployment and utilization of renewable resources, as well as the efficient management of energy-consuming devices within their structures. Throughout the pilot phase, EnergyDeeL showcased its innovation as an intelligent decision support tool for demand-side response (DSR) planning in buildings. Leveraging appliance-level consumption data and short-term (hourly/daily) PV production forecasts, EnergyDeeL proved its mettle in enabling proactive and efficient energy management practices.

How did EnergyDeel become involved with EOSC DIH?

EnergyDeel was part of of EUH4D project as one of the Open Call winner startups and we have been in contact with EU DIHs since early 2021. There, we found EOSC is a great opportunity that can help us with our business.

What services were used?

  • EGI Cloud Container Compute
  • Deep training facility
  • Elastic Cloud Compute Cluster (EC3)
  • OpenAIRE-Nexus:  Amnesia (Data Anonymization)
  • OpenAIRE-Nexus: ARGOS (Data Management Plan)



About the experience of working with EOSC DIH and the value of EOSC for the pilot

“We value the networking with other DIHs. Our collaboration and using EOSC services was in phase with a large scale pilot with our potential customer and we could use EOSC services to amplify our learnings and speed up our developments during this pilot and finally get a success case to scale it to other similar customers. EOSC DIH also helped us to find partners for EU open calls and Horizon Europe calls.”

“The value is mostly given to data and computation services in terms of reducing our time and effort to fulfill our large scale pilot.”



What’s next?

Our next action plan is to replicate the pilot with other municipalities. We are hiring a marketing managers (B2B) to help us in this process. By the begining of next year we aim to start our fund raising and scale our team with more sales and marketing talents as well as technical talents for product development and upgrades



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