Technical Assets

Data analytics

advanced modeling and simulations to address the optimal design of products, process optimization, quality improvement or decision-making support. 

HPC and Cloud

experts to support companies accessing infrastructures and developing Machine Learning (ML) or Data analytics services to enhance their business processes. The EOSC DIH supports ML application porting to the EOSC infrastructure, implementation of best practices and prototyping of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled services, that is the most rapidly progressing technology for industry nowadays.


of solutions from our collaborators:

  • Training facility for ML, AI and DL models by DEEP
  • MiCADO Orchestration tool by CloudSME

Data Management

The EOSC DIH experts on data management support companies on accessing different research data using advanced data management services and tools. For the piloting purposes, companies can also get storage capacity (online/archive).