Earth optimised HPC workload at the edge

Blockheating runs an ‘earth optimised’ IT infrastructure, where datacenter & server design, power consumption and recycling are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. In our current location we are already working on heat recovery and efficient cooling, and with the 2nd datacenter in the final stages, we will be able to enable load shifting based on power pricing and CO2 impact, but also the value of the waste heat and the CO2 of the displaced heat sources.


Blockheating on the hardware layers in order to enable this. On the utilisation part it makes a lot of sense to run HPC workloads as they are often plannable, can scale parallel and have a high impact in terms of power saved & heat recycled. 

Work Plan

The goal of this pilot is to be able to run EGI fedcloud workloads on top of Blockheatings hardware with minimal environmental impact based on Blockheatings advice about when and where to run the workload. The work plan includes enabling the compute infrastructure and acting on signals and forecast of the datacenter, the power grid and the heat user. 

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