Tomography for large industrial equipment.

Simulation and reconstruction of muons interaction with large industrial equipment for the application of this natural radiation in nondestructive tests.


Muon Systems is a small enterprise founded in 2015. The company develops all necessary hardware and software tools for the application of muon tomography or muography in different sectors like heavy industry, borders security or mining and civil engineering. This technique uses muons, a natural radiation generated at the atmosphere and reaching the earth surface. By studying the interaction of muons with matter, it is possible to reconstruct an image like X-ray radiography. The objective of this pilot project is to validate by simulation the use of muography to reconstruct the complex inner structure of large industrial equipment.


We managed to produce a full set of simulations with geometry variations that are being used to design our muography algorithms to measure the thickness of the refractory in blast furnaces. These simulations are the first step of the expansion of the company to this kind of problem.

How they used eosc-hub services

• Extensive use of computational resources to run simulations needed to develop more sophisticated muography reconstruction algorithms.
• Following the funding opportunities raised and shared by the EOSC-HUB organization.

The value of proposal

The application of muography to blast furnaces is one of the long-term goals of the company. The development of dedicated algorithms to reconstruct the thickness of the refractory will open the possibility to extend this technique to the preventive maintenance of these objects, opening a large market for the company.

How eosc-hub helped

EOSC-HUB has helped by providing computational resources, guidance about funding opportunities and also increasing the visibility of the company.


The simulations produced in the context of this pilot are being used to develop algorithms to measure the thickness of the refractary of the blast furnace. The
company is seeking to finish the algorithms and propose a feasibility study to the companies with which the company is already working in other muography applications.


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