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The European Open Science Cloud

The European Open Science Cloud is envisioned by the European Commission as a supporting landscape to foster open science and open innovation: a network of organisations and infrastructures from various countries and communities that supports the open creation and dissemination of knowledge and scientific data.

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) are one-stop-shops that help companies to become more competitive with regard to their business/production processes, products or services using digital technologies. They are based upon technology infrastructure (competence centre) and provide access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology to support their customers with piloting, testing and experimenting with digital innovations. DIHs also provide business and financing support to implement these innovations, if needed across the value chain.


The EOSC DIH is an international and multi-partner cooperation that supports companies in easily accessing the digital technologies and services offered by the EOSC. It combines 4 main pillars to help companies become more competitive:

1) Pilot design and co-design: where pilots services or products are designed and/or tested;

2) Technical access: HTC, HPC, cloud computing, machine learning, research data, data management services, and several tools and applications;

3) Training and support: technical consultancy, business coaching, funding search;

4) Visibility: inclusion of company solutions in the EOSC Marketplace and exploiting the EOSC networking and ecosystem opportunities.

EOSC is registered in the S3platform of the European Commission.


EOSC-hub is an European Project that brings together multiple service providers to create the Hub: a single contact point for European researchers and innovators to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of resources for advanced data-driven research.

The project mobilises providers from the EGI Federation, EUDAT CDI, INDIGO-DataCloud and other major European research infrastructures to deliver a common catalogue of research data, services and software for research.

The EOSC-hub project is responsible for the creation of the EOSC DIH and provided its initial funding.


Sy Holsinger

DIH coordinator

Egi Foundation

Marcin Płóciennik

Business Pilot Coordinator


Elisa Cauhé

DIH support

EGI Foundation

Agnieszka Rabenda-Tomczak

Business Pilots Support


Nuno Varandas

Commercialization Support


Hugo Cantao

Commercialization Support


Claudio Arlandini

HPC Support


Nick Laver

Data Management Support


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