After the 3rd expression of interest closed in October 2022, 5 pilots have been selected to develop their experiments in the EOSC DIH. The goal is to onboard businesses developing innovative solutions and – with EOSC technologies and services – help them bring products and services to market. Applicants can select services provided by EOSC FutureC-SCALEEGI-ACEOpenAIRE-NexusDICE and RelianceSee here for the full overview.

The selected pilots are the following:

  • MRADSIMID: Improving data analysis and reconstruction capabilities of the simulation software MRADSIM and of two innovative radiation detectors
  • Startup Radar : Bringing AI to corporate innovation and facilitating internal team communication around innovation scouting and monitoring
  • EnergyDeel: Identifying the operational state and power consumption of individual electrical loads, considering as input only the aggregated consumption from the central smart meter
  • B2Predict: Transferring technological solutions to e-bike producers and renters to achieve predictive maintenance through AI and ML
  • SAFAN: Validation and comparison with other technologies of the SAFAN-ISP technology for in silico profiling of small molecules and peptides.