We are excited to announce the selection of 4 new Pilots that are currently being onboarded in the European Open Science Cloud Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC DIH) and selecting their preferred services! 

In December 2021, EOSC DIH, in the context of the EOSC Future project, invited European start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs and large enterprises to submit an Expression of interest to participate in the EOSC DIH.

 According to the Digital Agenda for Europe, businesses are strategically placed to use research infrastructure resources and services to enhance growth and foster innovation. The EOSC DIH provides an interface for supporting this commercial innovation and supports private companies in accessing digital technologies, services and human capital offered by the EOSC. 

EOSC DIH will help the selected Pilots through piloting and co-design processes, access to technical services, training and support services and by increasing overall visibility in EOSC. You can find an overview of the selected services here

Your business could benefit from these services and tools. Stay tuned as the EOSC DIH is planning to launch soon new Expressions of Interest!

4Science – OpenAIRE ELD-Enrich Local Data via the OpenAIRE Graph (ELD-ADVANCE)

With ELD-ADVANCE, 4Science proposes to make OpenAIRE services available out of the box in the latest releases of DSpace, as it was already done with DSpace-CRIS, for the international community of adopters, in collaboration with the OpenAIRE team.  

Inteligg- ANESYS (integrAted iNtelligent thErmostat SYStem)

ANESYS, developed by Inteligg P.C., is a self-learning and self-adjusting smart thermostat system supporting multi-zonal control of heating/cooling systems for higher energy savings. It implements remote control of multi-zonal heating/cooling systems via Wi-Fi connected sensors by employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. 

To deliver its objectives, Inteligg would use OpenAIRE Amnesia for data anonymisation and EGI Cloud Compute.


CITE – Open Science Lens (OSL)

CITE is developing Open Science Lens, an innovative technological approach to empower Open Science (OS) and bring the scholarly works available on OpenAIRE e-infrastructure, at the reach of research stakeholders, citizens. To deliver its objectives, OSL builds on the OpenAIRE Research Graph a set of services, offering a tool-suite that can be integrated in a Google Chrome browser or directly in a science-oriented web page enhancer, improving the user experience with regards to OS exploration. 

Through the EOSC-DIH, CITE will expand its tools operations and functionalities by using: OpenAIRE Research Graph, OpenAIRE Login, OpenAIRE EXPLORE, EGI Cloud Compute and EGI Cloud Container Compute.

Bioinvest-agro: AgriFootprint (Cloud model for Carbon Footprint assessment in crop growing and agri food value chains)

AgriFootprint, the project of the Innovative company Bioinvest-Agro (Ukraine), contributes to the development of technologies adaptive to climate change for growing crop products, making technological processes of food production more green and for improving overall product quality. The aim of the AgriFootprint project is to create a service for the assessment of the carbon footprint of agricultural products. 

To deliver its objectives, AgriFootprint requested a variety of services; the OpenAIRE Research Graph, Zenodo, Amnesia, OpenAIRE MONITOR,  OpenAIRE Broker (via OpenAIRE PROVIDE), EGI Dynamic DNS ServiceEGI Cloud Compute, EGI Cloud Container Compute, EGI Data Transfer, EGI Online Storage, Elastic Cloud Compute Cluster (EC3) and B2Safe.

Note: Due to the current international political situation, the onboarding of AgriFootprint might be delayed.