In 2020 Erasmus Play, a Spanish startup that offers verified accommodation, joined EOSC DIH. Now, they are active in more than 500 European cities and partner with more than 60 universities!

When David Casanova, Manuel Herrero and Smith Donkor met, they knew that their disruptive and entrepreneurial spirit had to be channelled into developing a solution for finding accommodation. Hunting for housing is a real headache for thousands of students from all over the world every year.

This is how Erasmus Play was born, the first student accommodation search engine. It aggregates into one single site together thousands of accommodations from online booking platforms, student residences and verified accommodation websites. The main objective is to help students to book accommodation online with total security that the place exists.

This international student housing platform system allows students to filter their housing needs, facilitating the search for the most appropriate option according to the expectation of each person. It allows students to be able to establish a comparison between the different alternatives that most interest them based on their requirements, dates, budget, number of rooms, characteristics of the room or apartment and house rules, among others. 

It was mid-2020, at the start of the project, Erasmus Play accessed the EOSC DIH program to boost its growth and improve its technology and cybersecurity. After a year and a half run, Erasmus Play has become one of the European players with the greatest coverage of verified accommodation in Europe. That is why Erasmus Play has become the official partner of +60 European Universities, helping their students find quality accommodation wherever their Erasmus destination is. 

The platform is looking for European collaborators to improve its commercial relations in each of the countries in which it is present. 

The goal is to collaborate with more Universities in 2022 to support their students through this initiative in Europe in finding accommodation, the platform is looking forward to working with more accommodation providers to always provide students with the best options in their destination city.

Interested in collaboration with Erasmus Play? Contact the team!