Service: Provide

OpenAIRE PROVIDE is the content gateway service of OpenAIRE, where data providers are invited to connect scholarly content with OpenAIRE, allowing repositories, data archives, journals, aggregators and CRIS systems, to enter the OpenAIRE and European Open Science (EOSC) ecosystem and be accessible by millions of researchers, research institutes and networks, research funders, policy makers and citizens.
OpenAIRE PROVIDE lowers any technological barriers, by supporting a series of integrations, therefore, enabling its users to visually access OpenAIRE’s services that are responsible for the data harvesting process. There are four distinctive steps from the initial express of interest for OpenAIRE PROVIDE to the actual content availability on OpenAIRE and EOSC. The steps indicate the important subservices of OpenAIRE that perform the following functionalities:
(1) Validation of data sources with the OpenAIRE guidelines (via the OpenAIRE Validator),
(2) Registration of data sources to OpenAIRE and global interlinked networks provides links to content for text and data mining, view history of validations, status of harvesting,
(3) Enrichment of metadata information that describes the data sources to be available through OpenAIRE. Subscribe and view/receive notifications to enrich the metadata or the content of the data source (via the OpenAIRE Broker),
(4) Generation of usage statistics by subscribing to the OpenAIRE UsageCounts service; Get aggregated, COUNTER compliant usage statistics, like metadata views and full-text downloads, for repository access and broaden your mechanisms for Open research impact assessment.




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