Results from the Open Call

After the Open Call launched in April, 5 pilots have been selected to develop their experiments in the EOSC DIH. The selected pilots are the following:

  • Knowco4EOSC: Enhance Knowco Collabwith services capabilities for academia-industry collaboration with EOSC services
  • IBISA: Leveraging leading-edge technologies to enable scalable and efficient crop loss assessment.
  • BIGcoldTRUCKS: Data analytics to predict the demand of goods, optimise the routes in real-time and provide visualizations and descriptions that will help in the decision making towards the optimisation of the cold chain.
  • Erasmus Play: User friendly website integrating accommodation platforms for students in Europe.
  • DEIPDASFD: Assessing the quality and reliability of FAIR datasets through crowdsourcing of expertise.

The 5 pilots selected from the Open Call have started to work in their respective pilots with the support of the EOSC DIH team.

Other News

EOSC DIH Training: Community Engagement

EOSC DIH Training: Community Engagement

This interactive workshop will help you to understand the importance of a community to grow your startup. Your community will act as a collaboration ecosystem and also as a support mechanism to grow your start-up step by step, with consistency and a strong foundation....

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