Results from the Open Call

After the Open Call launched in April, 5 pilots have been selected to develop their experiments in the EOSC DIH. The selected pilots are the following:

  • Knowco4EOSC: Enhance Knowco Collabwith services capabilities for academia-industry collaboration with EOSC services
  • IBISA: Leveraging leading-edge technologies to enable scalable and efficient crop loss assessment.
  • BIGcoldTRUCKS: Data analytics to predict the demand of goods, optimise the routes in real-time and provide visualizations and descriptions that will help in the decision making towards the optimisation of the cold chain.
  • Erasmus Play: User friendly website integrating accommodation platforms for students in Europe.
  • DEIPDASFD: Assessing the quality and reliability of FAIR datasets through crowdsourcing of expertise.

The 5 pilots selected from the Open Call have started to work in their respective pilots with the support of the EOSC DIH team.

Other News

EOSC DIH onboards 4 new Pilots!

EOSC DIH onboards 4 new Pilots!

We are excited to announce the selection of 4 new Pilots that are currently being onboarded in the European Open Science Cloud Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC DIH) and selecting their preferred services!  In December 2021, EOSC DIH, in the context of the EOSC Future...

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