Reach Open Call

Description: The main objective of REACH is to launch a sustainable European-wide second-generation incubator for data-driven start-ups and SMEs. The incubator aims to stimulate the generation of 100 business ideas from SMEs and select among them 30 solid business cases based on data-driven innovation, born from experimentations on secure and trusted data value chains across several sectors. This, with the aim of launching new data-fuelled products and services to the market and leveraged by the capacities of the best data-driven DIHs in Europe. 

Along its lifetime, REACH will support +100 business ideas from SMEs and select among them 30 solid business cases through a total of three open calls in the coming three years, distributing a total amount of €3.5M. Each participant could receive as maximum €100,000 for a project. In the case that the company wins the REACH Best Experiment Grant, will receive a maximum of €120.000. This 1st Open Call will accept 30 submissions led and executed by SMEs/startups, actively involved in research, development, and application activities. The selected projects should have potential to entail a substantial advance in the state of the art, delivering new services with potential to improve the European Data Market (i.e. data-oriented solutions that improve the exploitation of data assets)and/or reach the market in the short run.

Expected duration: 11 months

Budget: Up to 100.000 €

Deadline for proposals: 15th February 2021




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