ItellIoT Open Call

Description: IntellIoT’s mission is to enable the execution of semi-autonomous IoT applications for AI-enabled systems. With its partners in three main sectors – agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing – IntellIoT is building an ecosystem united by a shared vision committed to privacy, security and trust, in which the intelligence of humans and devices can seamlessly intertwine. The consortium’s projects aim to overcome limitations of traditional cloud-centric IoT such as unreliable connectivity, privacy concerns, or high round-trip times.

Who is IntellIoT looking for: 

  •     Mature Startups and SMEs
  •     Incorporated in the EU or one of the Horizon 2020 associated countries
  •     Developing innovative solutions applicable to the IntellIoT framework and one of the use cases in agriculture, healthcare or manufacturing

Why you should apply:

  •     Get equity-free funding of up to 150,000 Euro for solutions addressing the general framework, up to 100,000 Euro for solutions addressing one of the three use cases
  •     Get access to a pan-European innovation network
  •     Explore novel business models and exploitation opportunities for your solutions
  •     Build the next generation of IoT applications

Project full name:Intelligent, distributed, human-centered and trustworthy IoT environments

Deadline:1 November 2021, at 16.00 (CET – Brussels time)

Expected duration of participation: 6 months

Total EU funding available:€860 000

Maximum amount of financial support for each third party: Up to €850 000 for proposals addressing the general framework, up to €100 000 for proposals addressing one of the three use cases

Submission & evaluation process: Detailed information on the submission and evaluation process is available on the Open Call website:


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