COTEC: From technologies to the market

The creation of a value chain for the design, production and distribution of an innovative product requires the alignment of the incentives and skills of all the participants. Each stage in the chain is potentially a source of risks for the innovation process, whether it is in the interdependence between partners who contribute to product development and performance, or in the “adoption chain” – the participants who stand between the company and the potential customers – and who guarantee successful commercialization .

An innovative concept, even if very attractive, does not guarantee industrial achievement. The creation of a prototype with technical feasibility is not a sufficient condition to guarantee its commercial viability in the market. The key is to understand in advance the link between the product’s design and its manufacturing cost, in order to reduce market risk, maximize margins and reduce costs in the industrialization of innovation.

Product engineering, manufacturing and additive manufacturing simulation technologies bring many advantages over classic prototype manufacturing, allowing for the reduction of the time and cost of a prototype development cycle, collection of user information, reducing the impact of design errors and the exploration and testing of multiple possibilities of cost optimization and final profitability of scale production. Sectors such as construction, aerospace or healthcare equipment, among many others, are increasingly adopting these technologies in the development of new products.

Let’s discuss in this one-day conference the topics:

  • Risk identification and management in the innovation ecosystem
  • Innovation in fast cycles – success stories
  • The role of open “Test beds” in supporting experimental development
  • Digital manufacturing technologies in education and training
  • The future of additive manufacturing technologies

And also:

  • Round table on the State of Innovation
  • Portugal País de Engenharia Award Announcement
  • PME Innovation Award Announcement

Dates: 25.11.2020

Place: Virtual

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