SOFIA is a Data-Driven Decision Support System to Automate Innovation Scoring Process in the Financial Sector.

SOFIA is used to calculate Innovation Scoring and acts supplementary to the traditional banking credit and investment evaluation criteria, to offer an alternative to conventional Credit Scoring, facilitating access to finance, especially for Micro-sized
companies. It is a cooperative Decision Support System (DSS) used to convert Innovation Scoring methodology to Innovation Scoring Models and Scorecards. These entities are used to automate the Innovation Scoring process, assist in KPI-based Project Success Assessment, estimate Risk and Benchmarking.

  • Are you familiar with Fintech, or are your interests focused on banking, Venture Capital, Grants, Funding or business loans?
  • Are you dealing with financing Innovation and need to make accurate data-based decisions with no sophisticated or complex interfaces?
  • Is innovation essential for you, but it is difficult to score it when making decisions?

Join RENVIS in this webinar and meet SOFIA innovation Scoring, the most advanced Decision Support System for the Evaluation of Business Innovation.


11:00-11:10 Welcome and introduction
11:10-11:25 SOFIA Innovation Scoring presentation
11:30-11:45 SOFIA Innovation Scoring live demonstration
11:45-12:00 Q&A

Konstantinos Papapanagiotou (Managing Director, RENVIS)

SOFIA receives support from EOSC DIH in order to introduce the Innovation Scoring process tool as a B2B solution for financing institutions. The pilot’s results (datasets, Innovation Scoring methodology and process) will create a baseline of resources to be communicated and introduced to the market. Discover the pilot activities here.