Purchase of software services for image analysis in phenological research with implementation, licensing, support and maintenance

The EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC DIH), through the EOSC Future project, is working towards fostering innovation within EOSC, buying products or services (co-)developed by commercial companies in collaboration with the EOSC DIH and the EOSC communities. EOSC DIH explored the needs and requirements of the research communities and clusters. Among the expressions of interest received, EOSC DIH selected the one provided by Poznań University of Life Sciences (PULS), Poland.

PULS is looking for an IT tool to facilitate image acquisition management, image storage, and image analysis, using Machine Learning methods. Currently, scientists have to use separate IT tools for each of these stages, and the proposed solution will be characterised by flexibility allowing to extend the utilitarian potential of this tool in the directions of further environmental research (e.g. landscape analysis), agricultural research (e.g. crop yield forecasting), or IT research (e.g. AI).

In conclusion of the tendering process, the tender has been awarded to Seth Software spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (SETH). They will develop the tool according to the the technical requirements specified in the documentation.

After completion tool will be available as open source and ready to be integrated in EOSC Marketplace.

Picture credit:

Photo by Nathan Hulsey on Unsplash