AIPlan4EU: Call #2 for Innovators in AI Planning

Call link:

Call deadline: Tue, 01/31/2023 – 17:00

Available funding:
€60.000 – €90.000 per project depending on the track“The AIPlan4EU project bring AI planning as a first-class citizen in the
European AI On-Demand (AI4EU) Platform by developing a uniform,
user-centred framework to access the existing planning technology and by
devising concrete guidelines for innovators and practitioners on how to
use this technology”“Open call #2 for innovators features three different tracks,
distinguishing three different kinds of contributions. Track A is mainly
of interest for planning experts, while Tracks B and C mostly require
more general software development. In track B, we are also looking for
additional use-cases, which can potentially be of interest for everyone.”