AI4Copernicus 3rd Open Call for Experiments and 4th Open Call for Use Cases based on citizen-driven social challenges

AI4Copernicus is a European H2020 project that aims to bridge Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Earth Observation (EO) world by making the already developed AI4EU AI-on-demand platform, the digital environment of choice for users of Copernicus data, for researchers and innovators.
The AI4Copernicus Partnership consists of 11 partners who are active in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation, and coordinated by the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”.
The 3rd round of Open Calls for Experiments will support up to eight proposals which will develop and test AI technical solutions that address industrial challenges by exploiting AI resources and Earth Observation Data focusing on any industrial domains.
Beneficiaries can be single partner projects SMEs, start-ups and spin-offs. Selected projects will receive up to €80 000 (single partner projects) and will have access to AI4Copernicus resources and tools, technical mentoring, business and sustainability mentoring and certification.
Verticals: Energy, Security, Health, Agriculture & other sectors like Maritime, Aviation, etc.
The 4th round of Open Calls for Use-Cases based on citizen social challenges will support up to three prototypes (consortia of high-tech & at least 1 low-tech SME) which will be funded up to €150 000 each, to develop and test AI technical solutions that address the selected citizen-driven societal challenges (during 2nd Open Call) by exploiting AI resources and Earth Observation Data focusing on any industrial domains.

The Social Themes identified by citizens are (alphabetically ordered):

  • Creating Digital Twins of remote territorial areas
  • Mapping Health Facilities
  • Monitoring Illegal Fishing
  • Optimizing Air Quality Footprint
  • Optimizing Waste Management
  • Predicting Economic Recessions
  • Predicting Fire Risk probability
  • Predicting Health Risks
  • Predicting Poverty
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) in cities
  • Reducing the overheating of urban spaces (Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect)

Applicants & eligibility:

3rd OC: Beneficiaries: SMEs (single partner projects)

4th OC: Beneficiaries: Consortia of high-tech & at least 1 low-tech SME

Project full name: Reinforcing the AI4EU Platform by Advancing Earth Observation Intelligence, Innovation and Adoption
Project acronym: AI4Copernicus
Deadline: 30 April 2022, at 17.00 (CEST – Brussels time)
Expected duration of participation: 3 months
Total EU funding available: €1 090 000 (in total for 3rd & 4th Open Calls)
Submission & evaluation process: Submission through the application form available on and

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