AI REGIO open call


The objective for the first open call of AI REGIO project is to select up to 8 SME-driven experiments to complement AI REGIO in the extension of the current portfolio of “AI for Manufacturing” solutions; and benefiting directly SMEs in underrepresented regions, with the perspective to join VANGUARD Initiative. Selected consortia will benefit from financial support of up to EUR 100.000.

Experiments are expected to cover two technological topics:

​TOPIC 1:Industry 5.0 and Collaborative Intelligence AI-driven solutions.

Inspired by both Industry 5.0 and Collaborative Intelligence concepts, candidates applying under this topic shall experiment “test before invest” and “skills development” services in realistic DIH-driven testing and experimentation facilities.

The envisaged end-to-end solution shall encompass modeling, simulation, deployment, training, testing and experimentation phases and shall contribute to the AI REGIO Data4AI and  AI4Manufacturing solutions, by enriching them with new tools and components, preferably open source, to be then inserted in the AI REGIO Marketplace.

TOPIC 2: Manufacturing Data Spaces and Data4AI pipelines

The main goal of the proposals under this topic is to build embryonic Data Spaces for Manufacturing, while showing the benefits of enhancing the value of the manufacturing data, before they are used in advanced AI applications.

Proposals in this topic shall provide end-to-end business scenarios, reflecting real industry challenges and defining and measuring realistic data-driven business KPIs. In this perspective, it is expected that the application experiments provide their own datasets and the commitment of Manufacturing SMEs to define and measure the business benefits from Data4AI applications.

Expected duration: 8 months

Budget: 100,000€ per experiment

Deadline for proposals: 30 September 2021 



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